This is an unofficial changelog of Discussions:

By year Edit

2016 Edit

October 2015
First pre-beta release (Discussions communities such as w:c:fallout)
March 2016
Initial beta release with the following features:

  • Community badge and header background
  • Page theming support (light/dark)
  • Post deletion, locking and reporting
  • Push notification support in Community Apps
  • Optional post titles

June 2016
Visual previews for links in Discussions content.
Post editing for existing Discussions content.
July 2016
Custom guidelines support in Discussions communities.
August 2016
Categories and filtering for Discussions posts.
Post titles become mandatory for Discussions post creation.
Email notifications for Discussions.
December 2016
"Following" list for Discussions posts.

2017 Edit

January 2017
Discussions Insights become available to moderators.
March 2017
On-site notifications implemented in Discussions.
July 2017
Community header added to Discussions for desktop users.
November 2017
Image upload added to Discussions following community testing.

2018 Edit

February 2018
Discussions loading improvements with Ember Fastboot.
March 2018
Poll embedding added to Discussions.
May 2018
Desktop post interface updated for Discussions.
July 2018
Announcements added to Discussions.
October 2018
Community Feeds pre-alpha testing (with Discussions feed support).
December 2018
Theme Designer support & alpha release for Community Feeds.

2019 Edit

March 2019
Discussions update to match Community Feeds.