Fandom Discussions Discord is a Discord server for Discussions Wiki. It was founded by SayuriDarling.

There, you can talk about Discussions, your communities, and their development. You can also find /d users from other communities.

This server is also aimed at bridging gaps between different Discussions communities and the developers.

Joining[edit source]

  1. Register your account on Discord. You can afterwards download a client for the device you are on.
  2. Use this invite link to join the server.
  3. After joining, you can go to #reveal_yourself channel and post your Fandom username so others know who you are.

Rules[edit source]

  • Please be on topic in each channel. If you don't know what the channel's for, check the description.
  • Be mature. We trust that everyone who joins will know how to conduct themselves.
  • No NSFW content. Only assume everyone's over 13.
  • No spam. Please do not do post repeating characters, links, emojis etc. This will result in a kick or possible ban.
  • No advertising. Please do not advertise external sites or Discord servers here.
  • No linking to other Discord servers.
  • Sending invites in DM isn't allowed. If we find out that you are, you will be banned from the server. This isn't an advertisement server.
  • Sockpuppeting isn't allowed.

Channels[edit source]

Name Topic
Welcome category Information and user channels for newcomers
#info Information channel containing server rules and guidelines
#reveal_yourself Post a link to your Fandom profile here upon joining so other users know who you are
#announcements Important announcements go here
FANDOM category Anything to do with FANDOM in general
#general Channel for general conversation
#bot Botspam goes here
#off-topic Movies, books, TV shows, anime, memes and everything else off-topic
#complain-train For all your Discussions ranting needs
#spoilers Talk here if talking in another general channel is likely to spoil a book, movie, etc. to somebody else
Wiki category Co-ordination and utilities for
#wiki Discussions about Discussions Wiki
#recent-activity Logs of the wiki activity
#discussions-activity Logs of Discussions activity of Discussions Wiki
Discussions Moderators category Channels for Discussions mods
#requests Channel for local Discussions moderators to request help from global Discussions moderators
#advice Channel for seeking Discussions advice
#feedback Constructive feedback on Discussions
Voice channels category Where users can talk by voice
#muted Text channel to post in when others are talking in the voice channel
General Use your voice

Roles[edit source]

Name Meaning Additional permissions @Mentionable Separated
Bots Server utility and fun bots Depends on the bot No Yes
[w] FANDOM Staff - No No
Admin Admins of the server Administrator permission No No
Mod Mods of the server Kick, manage server, manage roles and manage messages permissions Yes No
GDM Global Discussions moderator - No Yes
Local Mods Users who moderate Discussions on any wiki Permissions to view the Discussions Moderators category No Yes
Vanguard Vanguard member - No No
Community Council Community Council member - No No
Powered by Wikia Given to all users upon entering the server - No Yes
Sovietdom Powered By Communism In Soviet FANDOM, Discussions talk about you! - No No

Additional roles signifying which wikis users come from may be created when users from a certain wiki with Discussions enabled join the server.

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