Fandom Discussions Discord is a Discord server for Discussions Wiki. It was founded by SayuriDarling.

There, you can talk about Discussions, your communities, and their development. You can also find /d users from other communities.

This server is also aimed at bridging gaps between different Discussions communities and the developers.

Joining Edit

  1. Register your account on Discord. You can afterwards download a client for the device you are on.
  2. Use this invite link to join the server.
  3. After joining, you can go to #reveal_yourself channel and post your Fandom username so others know who you are.

Rules Edit

  • Please be on topic in each channel. If you don't know what the channel's for, check the description.
  • Be mature. We trust that everyone who joins will know how to conduct themselves.
  • No NSFW content. Only assume everyone's over 13.
  • No spam. Please do not do post repeating characters, links, emojis etc. This will result in a kick or possible ban.
  • No advertising. Please do not advertise external sites or Discord servers here.
  • No linking to other Discord servers.
  • Sending invites in DM isn't allowed. If we find out that you are, you will be banned from the server. This isn't an advertisement server.
  • Sockpuppeting isn't allowed.

Channels Edit

Name Topic
Welcome category Information and user channels for newcomers
#info Information channel containing server rules and guidelines
#reveal_yourself Post a link to your Fandom profile here upon joining so other users know who you are
#announcements Important announcements go here
FANDOM category Anything to do with FANDOM in general
#general Channel for general conversation
#bot Botspam goes here
#off-topic Movies, books, TV shows, anime, memes and everything else off-topic
#complain-train For all your Discussions ranting needs
#spoilers Talk here if talking in another general channel is likely to spoil a book, movie, etc. to somebody else
Wiki category Co-ordination and utilities for
#wiki Discussions about Discussions Wiki
#recent-activity Logs of the wiki activity
#discussions-activity Logs of Discussions activity of Discussions Wiki
Discussions Moderators category Channels for Discussions mods
#requests Channel for local Discussions moderators to request help from global Discussions moderators
#advice Channel for seeking Discussions advice
#feedback Constructive feedback on Discussions
Voice channels category Where users can talk by voice
#muted Text channel to post in when others are talking in the voice channel
General Use your voice

Roles Edit

Name Meaning Additional permissions @Mentionable Separated
Bots Server utility and fun bots Depends on the bot No Yes
[w] FANDOM Staff - No No
Admin Admins of the server Administrator permission No No
Mod Mods of the server Kick, manage server, manage roles and manage messages permissions Yes No
GDM Global Discussions moderator - No Yes
Local Mods Users who moderate Discussions on any wiki Permissions to view the Discussions Moderators category No Yes
Vanguard Vanguard member - No No
Community Council Community Council member - No No
Powered by Wikia Given to all users upon entering the server - No Yes
Sovietdom Powered By Communism In Soviet FANDOM, Discussions talk about you! - No No

Additional roles signifying which wikis users come from may be created when users from a certain wiki with Discussions enabled join the server.

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