Reported Content is a tool that can be used to maintain your wiki's Discussions. It allows users to report bad content, and Discussions moderators and administrators can review these posts or replies.

Making a report[edit | edit source]

Reporting a post

If you encounter inappropriate content, such as spam or vandalism, you can choose to report the post or reply for review. This is done by selecting "Report Post" under the menu of a post or a reply.

A notice will appear once the post is reported

After confirming you want to make a report, you will see an orange triangle and a "Reported to moderators" banner on the top of the post or reply. This is only visible to the reporter and to Discussion moderators and administrators.

If you have reported a post and it has been allowed by a Discussions moderator or administrator, you cannot report the same post again.

Reviewing a report[edit | edit source]

A page showing reported content.

As a Discussions moderator or administrator, you will be able to review reported content by clicking on "Reported Posts" on the right rail, or by visiting http://<wiki>

On this page, you will be able to see a list of posts and replies that have been reported by users.

  • To allow a post or reply to remain in Discussions, click on the green tick.
  • To delete a post or reply, click on the red trash icon.
  • To view the full thread of a reported post or reply, click on the text section.

Tips for maintaining reported content[edit | edit source]

  • Clear the reported posts and replies when they are more than one page, otherwise they will start becoming uncontrollable!
  • Ask other administrators or Discussions moderators, promote new users, or consider asking for assistance from Global Discussions moderators if there is a significant amount of reported content to clear.
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